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We are 2 weeks into our very first foster placement. In the past 2 weeks I have cried…. alot. Like, deep down from the belly of your soul weeping. I have, also, probably laughed and smiled more in the past 2 weeks than I have in all of 2020 thus far. I cannot go into the details of our placement (for obvious reasons) but I can tell you this. I know for an absolute fact that God is in control of it all. He has a plan for us and these 2 beautiful girls that he has placed in our lives and hearts. He has not abandoned us and he never will. It is becoming clear to me that on the surface the job of a foster parent is to take care of the physical, mental and emotional needs of our kiddos but our spiritual calling runs much deeper than that. We are called to cover them in prayer. We are called to storm the throne room of heaven as their earthly advocates and plead with God for miracles and breakthroughs. We need to come against generational curses and plead the blood of Jesus over them and their situations. And while the daily acts of care that we show through cooking, cleaning, transporting, etc are making a difference, it is time spent before our heavenly father on their behalf that is going to make the most enduring difference of all.

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